The importance of mentorship
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The importance of mentorship

Interview with Andy Thompson

Tell us about yourself. How did your photography journey start?

I am a seasoned professional photographer with a strong foothold in the outdoors sector, dedicated to fostering a sense of collaborative interdependent self-reliance among individuals. My multifaceted roles as a guide, instructor, coach, and mentor complement my passion for capturing and sharing the beauty of the natural world.

Since commencing my journey as an outdoor professional in 1988, I have consistently operated across a diverse array of locales, spanning New Zealand, Antarctica, Australia, India, Africa, Canada, Scotland, and Norway.

My photographic odyssey began in the late 1980s when I cut my teeth photographing commercial rafting. Pioneering a distinctive approach, I would navigate river trips from a kayak, often tackling challenging grade 4 and 5 rapids solo to seize the perfect shot. Over the years, my craft has evolved from traditional print and slide mediums to encompass the dynamic realm of digital photography, a transition that I find both invigorating and captivating.

My proficiency extends beyond capturing unconventional landscapes. I relish in the challenge to harmonise with diverse groups of individuals, all while remaining at ease amidst the harshest and most exquisite environmental conditions. This adaptability bestows a distinct advantage, enabling me to create captivating images regardless of the setting.

While my photographic exploits have taken me to the farthest places on the earth, none of it would be possible without the unwavering support of my loving wife, Jo. Our Cairn Terrier companion, Molly, now in her 17th year, also holds a special place in our lives. The loss of two canine family members in recent years has made our time with Molly all the more precious. During our shared walks, both Molly and Jo graciously indulge my photographic inclinations, demonstrating remarkable patience and understanding. I am also blessed to have two beautiful daughters and three grandchildren, whom I miss every day.

In summary, my journey as a professional photographer and outdoors enthusiast has been one of continuous growth and discovery. The confluence of my growing technical expertise, adaptability, and the steadfast support of my loved ones has defined my narrative, enabling me to create evocative imagery and inspire others to explore, connect, and appreciate the world around us.

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