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You won’t find branded articles, promotions, or advertorials in the Journal or on our website. All content comes from a talented group of thoughtful and passionate individuals who are on a mission to help you unlock the full value of photography.

How can I be featured in the Journal?

As a premium subscriber or Excio member, you get the chance to showcase your work in the Journal. We regularly review our members' work and might invite you for an interview or to feature in an article. Feel free to send a sample of your work and any ideas for an article to us at hello@photographyjournal.org.

Do I have to pay to be featured?

No, getting featured in our Journal is completely free.

Can contributors get paid for their work?

Currently, as our Journal is in the early stages of establishment, we're unable to offer payment to our contributors. However, we're open to and welcome collaborations, offering a platform for photographers to share their work and gain visibility in the community.

Who reads the Journal?

Our Journal boasts over 2,000 readers, with the majority hailing from New Zealand, the US, Australia, Canada, and the UK. Although the Journal is less than a year old, it has already enjoyed over 12,000 reads and views, reflecting its growing popularity and reach within the international photography community.