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About the Journal

Published bi-monthly, the Excio Captivating Photography Journal is focused on helping photographers, designers, and visual storytellers unlock the full potential of photography.

This is not your typical photo magazine.

We don’t offer gear reviews or technical lessons as there are numerous other sources available for those.

And forget about ads.

Instead, each issue is packed with exclusive thought-provoking articles and interviews that explore what makes photos truly captivating.

We are also continuously researching the latest neuroscience to uncover why certain images stand out, and we’ll show you how to use those insights to captivate your audience.

Based in Wellington, New Zealand, we're constantly on the hunt for talented photographers from every corner of the globe. We're keen on featuring all genres and styles, as long as it's authentic, real photography. Our goal is to curate a collection of unique content that you won't find anywhere else, celebrating the diversity and creativity of photographers worldwide.

This journal is a must-read for photographers, offering a wealth of knowledge to broaden your horizons.

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By signing up for a premium subscription, you'll get access to the full archive of everything that's been published before and everything that's still to come. Your very own private library plus high resolution pdf downloads of all issues.

Your subscription will help us grow our journal and create more of in-depth meaningful content and inspiring stories. Thanks to your support we will be able to expand our community of photographers and bring new exciting work to light.