The art of seeing
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The art of seeing

Why connecting kids with nature through photography is important

Encouraging children to take up photography can open up a world of discovery. By teaching them to observe, appreciate, and capture the beauty around them, we’re not just nurturing future photographers—we’re empowering a generation to see the world with curious and creative eyes. If you have kids or grandkids, even if they don’t show an interest in photography now, it’s always a good idea to encourage them to take a camera and see what happens!

Young participants at Belmont Reserve workshop, March 2024. Photo by Ana Lyubich

The unseen benefits of photography for kids

Our recent Young Learners Nature Photography workshop in the Hutt Valley ( highlighted the potential of photography to connect kids with nature. Participants explored their natural surroundings, seeking out unique patterns, textures, and colours to photograph. This immersive experience taught them not only about photography but also about environmental awareness and the beauty of our planet. Photography is a powerful medium for children, offering lessons that go far beyond the captured images. As they continue to explore their surroundings through the lens, they gain new tools for creativity, learning, and personal development.

Photography isn’t merely about capturing moments. It’s a tool that allows young learners to explore their creativity. When kids look through a camera lens, they learn to see their environment in a whole new light, often noticing details that would otherwise go unnoticed. This heightened attention to detail can enrich their appreciation for the intricacies of the world around them.

Moreover, engaging in photography can significantly boost a child’s self-esteem. Each photo they capture is a personal achievement, a tangible showcase of their creativity. This sense of accomplishment is vital for their confidence.

Learning through lenses

Photography serves as an educational platform, teaching kids about light, composition, and perspective. It introduces them to the basic principles of physics and art in a practical, engaging way. Experimenting with different settings and subjects, children learn through trial and error—a key educational experience.

Emotional and social development

Photography can also aid in a child’s emotional and social growth. Activities such as our Hutt Valley workshops provide a platform for children to interact, exchange ideas, and learn to appreciate different perspectives.

Getting children involved in photography, whether they show an initial interest or not, can lead to unexpected and rewarding outcomes. It’s about giving them the means to explore, create, and connect with the world in their unique way.

By Emilia Yasinetsky, 12, workshop participant

By Hemi Morgan, 8, workshop participant

By Liza Yasinetsky, 10, workshop participant
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