Moments made timeless
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Moments made timeless

A behind-the-shot interview with Rayan Amarasekara

Join us as we delve into a conversation with Wellington's own Rayan Amarasekara, exploring the stunning artistry behind his recent sunset photoshoot. Discover the techniques employed to capture such a breathtaking photo and gain a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to create these magical moments.

Rayan, tell us about you
I'm a hobby photographer originally from Sri Lanka, now based in the beautiful city of Wellington, New Zealand. In my profession, I work as a creative specialist in Tall Poppy Real Estate, channelling my creativity into both my professional and personal pursuits. My passion for photography began about half a decade ago when I bought my first camera at a local store. The art of capturing moments and telling stories through images fascinated me, leading me to dive headfirst into the world of photography. Currently, I work as a lifestyle photographer for my side hustle.
What are you shooting with?
Currently, my go-to camera is the Canon R6 Mark 2, a versatile mirrorless camera that never fails to deliver stunning results. For the sunset photo here, I used a Canon 85mm f/1.2 lens as this was the lens I had at that moment. Additionally, this was captured handheld with no ND filters used.

By Rayan Amarasekara

Tell us about this photoshoot
The photo below was captured in Princess Beach, Wellington, New Zealand. It was with a client in the middle of a maternity photoshoot. It was the perfect evening with an amazing golden sunset and clear sky. While the client was taking a break, I saw this family with two girls, mom and dad walking towards the rocks. They were such a happy family and that caught my eye. The elder girl wanted to climb up to the rock while the others were at the bottom of this rock. She climbed up by herself and was enjoying the sunset for a moment.

It was the perfect moment to capture the girl on the rock aligned with the sinking sun. I didn't have much time to plan as I was in the middle of a different photoshoot. But I managed to take a few photos of her with what I had and managed to capture this beautiful frame.

It was a very pleasant and lively moment with lots of happy faces. Princess Beach is usually a bit busy beach in the evenings as it has an amazing view. So this evening was no different. But luckily, I exposed my image to the sky and that hid the moving people in the foreground.

What post-processing did you do to these photos?
In post-processing, I aimed to enhance the natural beauty of the scene while staying true to the authentic colours of the sunset. I slightly adjusted the exposure, contrast, and saturation to bring out the richness of the sky without veering into unnatural territory. I also fine-tuned the sharpness and clarity to ensure the details were well-defined.

Do you use AI in your post-processing? With all AI hype going on, do you think AI will eventually replace photographers?
Yes. I incorporate some AI tools in my post-processing workflow, particularly for tasks like noise reduction and sharpening. However, I believe that AI will complement rather than replace photographers. The human eye and creative intuition are irreplaceable when it comes to capturing the essence and emotion of a scene. AI can assist in technical aspects, but the artistry and vision of a photographer remain indispensable.

Is there anything you would do differently with this photoshoot if given a second chance?
I extremely happy with how this photoshoot turned out. The conditions were ideal, and I managed to capture the essence of that magical sunset at Princess Beach. If given a second chance, I might explore different compositions or experiment with a different focal length to add another layer of creativity to the shots.

What else should we know about this shot or your photography in general?
I enjoy exploring the limits of my creativity. I love to capture the feelings of humans and play with light and shadow in landscapes. I find inspiration in the natural beauty of New Zealand, and my goal is to convey the awe-inspiring moments I experience through my lens. I hope viewers can connect with the emotions and stories behind each photograph, experiencing a slice of the breathtaking landscapes that make Wellington such a special place.

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