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Unveiling our top #Favourite2023 moments

In our latest challenge, we invited Excio members to showcase their favourite photos from 2023. Participants were encouraged to share not just their photographs, but also the stories behind them, such as the techniques used to capture the perfect moment, the personal significance of the photo, or any other insights that might foster a deeper connection with the viewer. Selecting the best submissions was no easy task, but we're excited to present a collection of the most captivating photos and stories from the challenge. Enjoy!

Photo by Karen Miller

"This photo brings a smile to my face. I was lucky to be a member, of a team of photographers working at Womad this year. It was so much fun. The vibe of the festival was amazing, and everyone was having a great time, and was happy to have their photo taken.

I was working stage-side at the Brooklands stage, for the ten o’clock performance on Saturday night. It was Youssou N'Dour, a Grammy award winner from Africa. You could tell by the reactions of the crowd that they loved him.

I also love this photo because it shows the broad age-range of the festival crowd, and all of them were enjoying themselves. After all the bad things that have been happening over the last several years, I think we all deserved a break, and a chance to just have some fun." Karen Miller

Photo by Dan Winner

"The sport that keeps me sane: paragliding. Always a stunner during sunset in Marlborough." Dan Winner

Photo by Leanne Silver

"I was fortunate enough to spend three weeks on an Antarctic adventure in January, and I have many favourite images. I chose this one as this was our first trip off the ship out on the little zodiacs (inflatable rubber boats), and I had my very first penguin sighting. The light was perfect, and they seemed to delight in a few adorable poses." Leanne Silver

Photo by Damon Marshall

"At the beach I spent a good half hour crouched down to get this shot, while my friend Tony was exercising his dog. Once my head rush had cleared after standing up, I explained to him the difference between merely taking a photo, to fulfilling a vision ... and often that takes time!" Damon Marshall

Photo by Cynthia Stoks

"This is HMNZS Aotearoa. She anchored outside my home yesterday, but was gone by morning. I wanted to capture the idea of navy ships being ghost ships that slink in and out of port and blend into the background, so I tried my first ICM (intentional camera movement). Generally, my favourite photo is the latest photo I capture. They are all favourites when they are new." Cynthia Stoks

Photo by Lorraine Neill

"I have to go with this image taken at the Balloons Over Waikato event in Hamilton. I went along three mornings running and got some nice shots, but I particularly like this one. These are the fun character balloons that were very popular. They’re also orange which shouts vibrance and fun, and which also teams nicely with the touch of orange glow in the background. There are lots of people milling about enjoying the spectacle, and a nice bit of branding in the third balloon for this popular event. All in all, lots of fun festival vibes!" Lorraine Neill

Photo by Mark Chivers

"During my recent visit to India in March 2023, I witnessed a fascinating aerial display after strolling through a wildlife reserve. The spectacle involved a crow and a serpent eagle engaged in a mid-air battle.

The eagle had attempted to steal the crow’s eggs, prompting the crow to furiously pursue the eagle. I captured several photos of the intense dogfight unfolding above me." Mark Chivers

Photo by Ann Kilpatrick

"It’s very hard to choose a favourite photo of 2023. This young man was a face in the crowd at the SS4C (Students Strike for Climate) protest. I took many photographs of him, he was definitely a style standout. I managed to get in touch with him and send him some photos. Turns out he is a very interesting person and has a few different profiles on Instagram. A good videographer." Ann Kilpatrick

Photo by Karen McClay

"Autumn is my favourite time of the year. The light in the mornings and afternoons is soft, which makes for perfect quiet time with my camera watching the birds devouring the figs in trees nearby. This grey warbler was spending time with a fantail, showing no feud or squabble. Watching them flit between a barberry hedge and a fig tree, I position myself between the two, and then higher on the ridge nearby. This allows me to look directly into a tree rather than straight up. This stops broken sky and dappled lighting. Having a full natural background wrapping around your subject will lead your eye directly to where you want it to go." Karen McClay

Photo by Jan Whybourne

"I’ve been playing around with in-camera photo stacking and, while not perfect, this is my favourite image thus far." Jan Whybourne

Photo by Sandy McCleary

"This was hard to choose, but this one would be my favourite. I enjoy taking photos of the small things in life. These tiny flowers grow all over the lawn. I decided to experiment a bit, so I picked it and placed it among the moss that is growing all on the trampoline." Sandy McCleary

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