Beyond Imposter Syndrome
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Beyond Imposter Syndrome

We look at the first cohort of our 'Beyond Imposter Syndrome' course. Whether you're an amateur or have years of professional experience, the mental roadblocks can be paralysing. It's not just been another course; it's been a transformative journey that went beyond lectures and assignments.

The 100-day journey.

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From tackling the competence-confidence loop to changing mindsets, facing the fear of negative feedback head-on, finding their voice, and building portfolios, participants learnt to deal with feelings that their photographs were ‘not good enough’.

So, what is Imposter Syndrome? It's a psychological phenomenon where people doubt their abilities and fear being exposed as a 'fraud'. In the photography industry, it's a rampant issue because creativity often entails personal expression, making one vulnerable to criticism. One reason we experience this syndrome is that we're hardwired for it. Back in the days when our predecessors lived in caves, stepping outside of your ‘zone’ was life-threatening. Hence, even now—while sitting in warm houses with no apparent danger or online behind our screens—we don’t feel secure enough to share our work. Furthermore, the pressure to constantly innovate and produce 'original' work can exacerbate feelings of inadequacy.

Feeling more confident and finding your voice is one thing, but expressing it is a new level. The course highlight, the '20 Frames, 20 Seconds' showcase, required participants to present 20 of their images, each displayed for 20 seconds. This unique exercise pushed them to articulate the essence of their photography work quickly and effectively, helping them understand their own creative impulses better.

Out of the tightly-knit community of participants, nine were presenting, and below we share one photo from each presentation that captivated us most strongly.

This 100-day experience has been a blend of community, practical skills, and much-needed introspection. The first cohort is leaving with more than just improved technique - they're walking away with a resilient mindset and a community that continues to support each other long after the course has finished.

But the journey doesn’t end here. For anyone feeling the pull, the 2024 cohort has just kicked off. Places are limited, but the opportunity for transformation is boundless.

“Mindfulness in photography” by Rebecca McDaid
“Engaging with strangers” by Ann Kilpatrick
“People in places” by Mark Chivers
“Experiencing life to the full” by Karen Miller
“Wellington architecture” by Richard Sellwood
“Breathe” by Debra Metcalfe
“The presence of birds” by Kelvin Wright
“Close up and macro” by Sandy McCleary
“Triathlon journey” by Penny Milner
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