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AI and photography
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AI and photography

In the case of AI and photography, AI can assist photographers in numerous ways, such as photo culling, editing, and providing inspiration. However, it is crucial to distinguish between AI assistance in editing a photograph, such as object removal or sky replacement, and AI-generated images.

Threat or opportunity?

By Ana Lyubich and Simon Hertnon

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolution

Unless you have been living under a rock, you will have heard about AI and know that it is transforming the way we live and work.

AI has been influencing our lives through our interactions with digital businesses (like Google and Meta) for many years. But AI has recently evolved into a tool that many of us can use directly – from generating written content and images to learning languages and preparing legal documents. The impact of AI on our lives is unquestionably vast and unprecedented.

We humans are naturally apprehensive about new technological breakthroughs. Just consider the invention of photography, when many artists initially believed that their craft would become obsolete. Similar concerns were raised when cinema emerged, challenging the relevance of live theatre performances, or when streaming platforms started to compete with traditional television. However, history has shown that different mediums can coexist and even find opportunities for collaboration.

By Captivating Photography Journal profile image Captivating Photography Journal
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