A visual journey: Top 10
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A visual journey: Top 10

In this vibrant photo journal section, we proudly present the top ten photos that have captivated our senses.

These exceptional snapshots were carefully chosen from the vast collection uploaded by our passionate Excio members to their portfolios, our expansive library, and shared within our thriving Community Hub.

Each photograph embodies a unique narrative, a moment frozen in time, encapsulating the diverse perspectives and creative vision of our talented community.

Lucky timing on the beach at Waihi. Hope those three ladies found their pot of gold! By Damon Marshall.

Went on an early morning walk from the golf range and came across this dead tree with the rising sun behind it. By Brent Higham.

The pasqueflower. When the buds first emerge they are surrounded in a hug by their lacy greyish-green leaves. When the flower finally emerges it is a beautiful shade of purple whose colour varies from cluster to cluster. Some are quite dark, others lighter, but they all have vibrant golden stamens. The stems, leaves, and flowers are all covered in fine silky soft hairs, which makes for great backlighting when photographing them. By Jan Whybourne.

Honeybee on exotic plant, covered in pollen. By Lorraine Neill.

The quaint main street of Kaysersberg. In 1648, the city became a part of France, although most inhabitants continued to speak German. From 1871 to 1918 and (again from 1940 to 1944) Kaysersberg belonged to Germany. The area around Kaysersberg is one of the finest wine-growing areas in Alsace. The first vines were brought here in the 16th century from Hungary. Wine produced from the pinot gris variety is a local specialty. By Mike Moore.

Young man jumping into the harbour on a sunny day in Wellington. By Ann Kilpatrick.

Sunset, Pelican Waters Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia. By Glenda Wilks.

The light shining through a courgette from our garden reveals all the intricate details of the flower. By Tracey Walker.

I’m really enjoying working with layers and seeing what different effects they have on an image. By Sandy McCleary.

Hopeful fisherman on a beach at sunset, with small incoming waves. By Sonia S
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